• Image of Andre Pernette Board Track Racer A3 Hand Coloured Print

Andre Pernette at Full Tilt on his 1/3 litre Peugeot Racer circa 1906

Print Details:
A3 Hand Coloured Print on 160gsm paper
Signed and numbered as part of an edition of 50 by the artist Martin Squires.

Andre Pernette was racing in the early 1900's on the board tracks in France where he set a record of 94km per hour at Parc du Princess in Paris amongst others. On the 8th of October 1906 he was involved in a major crash at the Buffalo Velodrome USA, where the belt on Pernette's motorcycle slipped off stopping his back wheel throwing him off. This caused his opponent Contant to crash into the spectators who were leaning over the barrier resulting in 2 people dead and 10 injured, both riders survived.